Vacation Check List

To pull off an enjoyable vacation, you need to do some amount of planning first. Spontaneity has its place, however, too much opens your vacation up to too many things going wrong, which can ruin the entire experience. That being said, it is good to have a game plan. Though your checklist will be different depending on the type of vacation, there is a rough outline that is applicable to most vacations. First, determine where you are staying (hotel, campsite, relative/friend`s house). Next, figure out what material items you will need and how much of it. Third, figure out how you are going to occupy your time. It might sound obvious, but if you are new to planning a vacation you might be surprised at how easy it is to forget to figure out what you are doing. Most people only consider one main event and are left wondering what to do for the remainder of the trip. For couples, there is more room for impulsive decisions. However, if it is a family trip, things can get hectic without a vague plan.

Consider the uniqueness of your vacation. If you are going camping in a hot, humid forest, you will want extra bug spray and water and a thinner, more breathable sleeping bag. If you are camping in a chillier place, such as the mountains, you want a thicker sleeping bag. You might also want chewing gum to pop your ears and balance the pressure of higher elevation. If you are also canoing or kayaking, you will want plastic zip lock bags for your cell phone, camera, or anything else that should not get wet. You will also probably want snacks if it is an extended trip, in addition to sunglasses and sunscreen.

Visiting a town for the first time is when planning activities is essential. With outdoor trips such as canoing, camping, hiking, or something similar, that will probably dominate your time. If you are touring, you need to find out about attractions, their hours and any rules they might have so there are no surprises as to what you will be able to do when you get there. Outline the things you would like to see and do.

If you are going to stay in a hotel, you should check with every hotel in that town and compare prices, while taking amenities into consideration. For example, some hotels have outdoor swimming pools, others have indoors, some have both. Some hotels do not have handicap accessible rooms, though most do. However, if you do not need one, there is some chance that a hotel without these will be cheaper. If you are flying instead of driving, you might want a hotel near the airport with shuttle service. Some hotels have on-site restaurants if you do not want to leave to eat. If you need to budget, you can look for local Groupon deals, which often consist of restaurant coupons and hotel discounts. These typically provide a significant discount, upwards of fifty percent off. With these guidelines, your vacation should go smoothly.